Frequent Eye Exams in BrisbaneWith a busy schedule and a long to-do list, you might be tempted to delay or skip eye exams — especially if you are young or do not have any complaints about your vision. But regular eye exams are a critical part of preventative health care for everyone. They are just as important as regular check-ups with a physician, or dental cleanings. You need to undergo routine eye exams, regardless of your age and whether you are experiencing any changes in your vision.

Take a moment to learn why from Dr Joshua Hann of Eastside Eye Specialist Care.

Detect Ocular Diseases

Eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration are widely known to cause irreversible vision loss. But some of these diseases — particularly glaucoma — develop “silently,” or without any noticeable signs. The best way to detect these diseases early, when they are more manageable, is through regular eye exams. Using sophisticated diagnostic technology, an optometrist can examine the internal structures of your eyes to look for signs of sight-stealing diseases.

Early Detection of Systemic Disease

Eye exams play an important role in detecting not only eye disease, but also systemic diseases like diabetes, stroke, hypertension and thyroid disease. You might be surprised to learn that your eyes provide clues about your systemic health. Small changes inside your eyes, such as changes to the tiny blood vessels of your retina, can signal that something more serious is affecting your entire body. Sometimes an optometrist can identify health conditions even before a primary care doctor can, simply through a dilated eye exam.

Ensure Best Visual Acuity

You may believe your vision is just fine, but your eyes could tell another story. Sometimes vision problems develop so slowly that it is nearly impossible to know that anything has changed. Regular eye exams allow an optometrist the opportunity to closely monitor your eyes and vision, and detect the development or progression of conditions affecting your eyesight. You might not realize how much your eyes struggle to read fine print until your optometrist prescribes you a pair of glasses or contacts.

And if you already wear glasses or contacts, it is also crucial to stay on top of your visual health with routine exams. Your optometrist can test your vision regularly to ensure your prescription stays as accurate as possible.

Quality Care With Dr Joshua Hann

Should an optometrist suspect or identify a problem with your ocular health or a change in your prescription, Dr Hann has the training and experience to treat or manage your condition. Using a variety of medical and surgical solutions, he can help restore optimal visual acuity and good ocular health.

If you have been diagnosed with an ocular health problem, or if you have questions about diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration or cataracts, please contact the team at Eastside Eye Specialist Care today.