Laser eye surgery in BrisbaneClear, crisp vision is an exciting prospect for many people considering laser eye surgery. No more hassle with contacts that irritate or glasses that fog. Swim and work out with ease, and never wonder if you left your contact case and solution at home again. There are endless benefits to laser eye surgery, and these tips will help you prepare for your procedure and recovery at Eastside Eye Specialist Care.

Avoid Makeup for Several Days

Keeping the eye area free from makeup and clean will reduce your risk of infection after LASIK, PRK or PTK eye surgery. Wash your eyes thoroughly to get rid of debris on your eyelids and eyelashes before your operation. You may be asked to cleanse the area again before you have laser eye surgery.

Stop Wearing Contact Lenses as Directed

Depending on which contact lenses you wear (rigid gas permeable, soft or hard lenses), you will need to stop wearing them for one or more weeks. You can use your eyeglasses in the meantime. This step is required because contact lenses impact your corneal shape, which affects the measurements for laser eye surgery and can leave you with less-than-accurate results.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

The surgical room is often cold to maintain a sterile environment and well-functioning laser technology. Wear something warm but avoid materials that are fluffy or made of wool or fleece as they can create lint in the surgical suite. Clothing that zips is best because you won’t have to worry about lifting it over your head and hitting your protective eyewear or irritating your eyes.

Do Not Use Face or Hair Products

Moisturisers, perfumes and lotions may increase your infection risk if they come into contact with your eyes. Hair products that contain alcohol, including aftershave, mousse and hair spray, can affect the laser in some instances. It’s best to avoid these beauty products altogether. Ask our laser eye surgeon if you need to stay away from them for several days or just the day of your procedure.

Set Up a Carer

Someone will need to drive you home following laser eye surgery. Typically, driving is off-limits for at least the first 24 hours after LASIK and several days after PRK or PTK eye surgery. Ask a friend or family member to help you get home and stay with you for the first day or two to help you through your initial recovery.

Take Time Off Work and Prepare Your Home

LASIK recovery requires several days off work, and PRK can require up to six days out of the office. You will need to avoid screens and reading for the first day. We recommend having a podcast or audiobook to listen to while you rest your light-sensitive eyes. Prepare your home by creating a recovery area with a reusable water bottle, easy access to nutritious food and audio entertainment.

In addition to these steps, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and cigarettes. These substances can inhibit the healing process and dehydrate tissues. Our ophthalmologist, Dr Joshua Hann, can answer your questions and discuss how to prepare for before, during and after laser eye surgery.

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