I recently attended a combination of retina and cataract / refractive meetings in Vienna. It was a showcase of the latest technology and breakthroughs in the world of ophthalmology.

The meeting was wonderfully informative and relevant, and I’m excited to share a snapshot of the updates …

Cataract Surgery Outcomes

I recently attended a combination of retina and cataract/refractive meetings in Vienna, which showcased the latest in technology and breakthroughs in the world of ophthalmology. It was a wonderfully informative and relevant meeting.

The ability to accurately predict the refractive outcome after cataract surgery has been improving as time goes by.

The latest technology involves measuring both the anterior and posterior corneal curvature, for which there are now an explosion of new capable devices. However, the key is to use that information in a formula that gives great results. Australia’s own, Professor Graham Barrett, has made the greatest discoveries in this area. His formulae utilise all this information in a way that better predicts outcomes for cataract patients. Zeiss have led the way in measurements for cataract surgery for decades. They have teamed up with Professor Barrett to provide an update for their most recent device: IOL Master 700. We utilise this latest hardware and software at Eastside Eye to optimise refractive outcomes for all patients.

Dry Eye

There are many products on the market for managing dry eye. A new treatment discussed at ESCRS is VisuXL which is a combination of cross-linked hyaluronate and Coenzyme Q10. This is delivered to the eye in drop form and has been shown to improve ocular surface wound healing. Additionally, for patients with persistent dry eye have responded well to this formulation. This is an exciting product for Dry Eye sufferers and myself as an ophthalmologist. It is currently only available in Europe, so I will be working with our pharmacy to gain access for trials in suitable patients in Australia.

New Advances

There are many exciting advances in various technologies, such as:

  • intraocular lens (IOL) implants
    • including pinhole IOLs for those with irregular astigmatism
  • rigid gas permeable lenses
  • corneal transplantation techniques
  • measurement and monitoring of progression in keratoconus
  • phototherapeutic keratectomy laser (PTK)
    • for use in combination with corneal cross-linking in keratoconus and management of corneal astigmatism and scars
  • new MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery) devices
  • macular disease treatments

Each of these treatments is available at Eastside Eye, with new equipment facilitating the most up-to-date care for multiple eye conditions.

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