Lenses vs. LASIK BrisbaneWhen you imagine the benefits of having LASIK, you probably envision the advantages of seeing clearly at all times without visual aids. You might dream of the convenience of exercising, traveling and playing with your kids with clear, independent vision.

LASIK also has some more quantifiable benefits. For example, a careful assessment of the lifetime costs of lenses versus LASIK reveals that it is actually less expensive to have LASIK than to wear contacts or glasses. Cost savings is one of the many reasons why Dr. Joshua Hann’s patients are very satisfied with their decision to have LASIK.

It Makes Financial Sense

Consider the differences between the cost of glasses or contact lenses and the cost of LASIK.

Although LASIK surgery may seem like a lot of money compared to a box of contacts or a pair of eyeglasses, it is a one-time expense. After a short procedure with a rapid recovery, you can immediately reap the rewards of surgery. You do not need any “touch ups” or “enhancements” after the procedure, because it permanently reshapes your corneal tissue. Results of clinical trials have shown that 93 percent of patients achieve 20/20 vision or better after LASIK.

Compare that to the repeated (and rising) costs of glasses and contacts. If you wear glasses, you probably pay hundreds of dollars a year for quality frames, lenses and accessories; not to mention, the cost of periodic appointments with an optometrist to check your prescription. Accidents happen, and replacing your glasses can be costly.

Contacts are not cheap, either. Depending on the type of lenses and how frequently you dispose of them, you probably pay hundreds of dollars every year for boxes of contact lenses and cleaning solution. If you are like most people with contacts, you also invest in back-up glasses to keep on hand for emergencies. Another factor to consider is the cost of treating contact-related complications. After a while, it is easy to become lax with contact lens wear or care. But improper contact lens hygiene can lead to infections and other eye problems that take money and time to resolve.

The Bottom Line

Cost should not be the defining factor in your decision to get LASIK — but it is an important consideration. Dr. Hann and our team would be happy to discuss the financial aspect of LASIK during a consultation at our practice. Call or email us today to request an appointment.