Laser eye surgery in BrisbaneLASIK and other laser eye surgery procedures are some of the safest and most widely studied elective procedures in the world. Despite outstanding patient satisfaction rates, myths and misconceptions about laser eye surgery continue to proliferate.

If you are considering laser eye surgery to improve your vision, your decision should be based on fact and not fiction. Here, Dr Joshua Hann debunks common myths about laser eye surgery.

Myth: We Do Not Have Long-term Safety Data

Fact: Laser eye surgery as we know it has been performed for over 30 years and helped millions of people. Doctors have plenty of data on the long-term safety and efficacy of the procedure. In the right candidates, laser eye surgery has been proven to be a safe and reliable way to treat refractive errors and provide freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

Myth: Side Effects Can Be Serious

Fact: Any procedure can cause side effects; however, the likelihood of experiencing serious side effects after laser eye surgery is very low. Surgical techniques and technology continue to evolve, further improving the safety profile of laser eye surgery.

Myth: Results Are Temporary

Fact: The modifications made to the cornea during laser eye surgery are permanent. Tissue that is surgically removed cannot grow back. However, laser eye surgery does not affect other parts of the eye, such as the lens, which can undergo age-related changes over time. You can still develop presbyopia or cataracts regardless of whether you have had laser eye surgery.

Myth: Pain Is Common During Surgery

Fact: Actually, most patients experience a few brief moments of pressure and nothing more! Dr Hann will take great care to completely numb your eyes prior to surgery. You also have the option of taking an oral medication to relax you and help you feel very calm. And, keep in mind that the laser correction is very quick. Surgery will be over before you know it.

Myth: It Does Not Matter Who Performs the Procedure

Fact: Some candidates believe that the laser does all the work, and the skill and experience of the surgeon does not matter. This is blatantly false — the surgeon’s skill is essential to the success of any procedure. Take the time to research your surgeon’s credentials and ensure they have the proper training and experience.

If you have additional questions about laser eye surgery, Dr Hann and our team would be happy to answer them. Please contact Eastside Eye Specialist Care via phone or email today.