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Treatments for Corneal Conditions

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Cornea treatment Brisbane & Carindale, Queensland
Your cornea is the transparent surface layer at the front of your eye. It can be affected by a range of conditions that cause pain or distort and diminish sight.

Each condition creates different problems, and can be addressed with different treatments.

These conditions include keratoconus, Fuchs endothelial dystrophy, scarring, and infection.

No matter which corneal condition you have, it’s important to seek specialised treatments – such as those provided by Eastside Eye Specialist Care’s Dr Josh Hann.

Specialist Services & Treatment

As an anterior segment/cornea specialist, Dr Hann provides a comprehensive range of clinic and surgical treatments, including full-thickness grafts (PK), DALK, DMEK, corneal scar removal, laser and more. With a range of options available, you can access the most appropriate treatment for you.

Before your treatment, Dr Hann will explain the process, discuss risks and benefits, and answer your questions, empowering you to make decisions for your eye health. You can access treatment privately, or intermediately if uninsured.

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Do you want to restore your vision and see clearly again? Then it’s time you spoke to a specialist.

With years of experience diagnosing and treating corneal conditions, Dr Hann can recommend and provide the right treatment for you.

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Keratoconus Treatment

Keratoconus occurs when your cornea bulges conically, distorting your vision. Some cases can be treated with glasses or specialised contact lenses. Others may benefit from corneal cross linking or surgery – usually corneal grafting. Each case is unique, so it’s important to discover the severity, stability, and progression of yours so you can select the most appropriate treatment. To discuss your options, make an appointment today.


DMEK—Clear Your Vision

The procedure clears your vision by transplanting a donor disc of specalised pump cells onto the back of your cornea. This layer of cells is less than 20% of the width of a single human hair. It is therefore delicate surgery of the most microscopic, requiring great precision and is offered by Eastside Eye’s Dr Joshua Hann.

DMEK—Your Vision in Safe Hands

Dr Joshua Hann first trained in DMEK in Australia before undergoing further training in the Netherlands by the ophthalmologist who invented the technique—Professor Gerrit Melles. He continues to refine his technique as with all other aspects of his repertoire by undergoing ongoing training and updating himself with the latest research.

DMEK—The Procedure

Like with all surgery undertaken through Eastside Eye Specialist Care, we value your clear understanding and having all questions answered. Information is provided about the surgery details themselves. DMEK is a day procedure like most eye surgery, with the emphasis on excellence, safety, and patient comfort. Post-operative care instructions will be provided when booking for surgery. For more information, contact us today.

Treatments for Scarring
Your cornea can become scarred through inherited disease, infection, or injury. It will often interfere with your vision. Treatments for corneal scarring include superficial scar removal with keratectomy, laser, or a DALK/PK corneal transplant. To discuss the most appropriate treatment for you, arrange an appointment today.
Corneal Infections (Keratitis)
Corneal infections are rare but when they do occur, usually relate to contact lens wear or after inadvertent abrasions, sometimes from plant-based or other material. As some infections can threaten your vision, it’s important to get your eye examined without delay. book an appointment today.

Pterygium is pink, fleshy growth across your cornea from the white part of your eye (sclera) that’s caused by sun damage. Unsightly and irritating, pterygium can also threaten your vision, so it’s important to see if it requires surgical removal.(picture). At Eastside Eye we provide surgical treatment with a modern approach that optimises appearance, reduces recurrence, and limits post-operative pain. For diagnosis and treatment, consultation at Eastside Eye today.