Eyelid Repair & Treatment in Brisbane

Eyelid Treatments

At Eastside Eye Specialist Care, you can receive treatment for the following eyelid conditions

Eyelid repair & treatment Brisbane & Carindale, Queensland

Eyelid Lesions

Because your eyelids are exposed to the sun more than most parts of your body, they may develop sun damage. This damage can sometimes become a tumour. As such, it’s important to have any suspicious lesions monitored and treated with surgery if required. Our Brisbane ophthalmologists have extensive experience in treating skin tumours around the eyelid.

Eyelid Mal-Position

Your eyelid position can be affected by age or sun exposure, causing the lids to turn in or out. In turn, this can result in irritation to your eyes, excess tearing or dryness, or unsightly appearance. If your eyelid is mal-positioned, it can be corrected by surgery at Eastside Eye.


Ptosis occurs when your upper eyelid droops. This is commonly caused by age-related separation of the muscle that lifts your eye from the eyelid tarsus. With Ptosis, excess skin can hang over the eyelashes (dermatochalasis), or the brow itself can hang low. Each of these issues can be corrected by surgery.

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