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Lasik / Laser Eye Surgery Specialists Brisbane

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There are many forms of laser eye surgeries and treatments that suit a range of different eye conditions. Our laser surgery in Brisbane Queensland (QLD) is one example of this, where a laser corrects your vision to allows you to be independent of glasses and contact lenses. This works by altering the shape of your cornea.

If you’d like to discover whether laser eye surgery is the best treatment for you, you can book a consultation with our Eastside Eye Specialist Care ophthalmologists today.

Laser Eye Surgery

You can arrange laser eye surgery directly with our ophthalmologists. Since there are many considerations, and often other treatment options that better suit your needs, you can be referred by your GP or Optometrist.

Before you undergo the procedure, your ophthalmologist will meet with you to explain the treatment, outline the results you can expect, discuss alternative treatment options where appropriate, and answer any questions you have. That way, you can be confident you have the information you need to make your own decision about treatment.

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How it Works

Laser eye surgery alters the shape of your cornea in order to enable the light entering your eye to be focused well without glasses. None of these treatments are universally suitable and they don’t fix every problem, so it’s important to consult with our ophthalmologists about the most appropriate option for you.


No cutting of the eye


No touching the eye (StreamLight™)


Greater accuracy using eye-mapping tools


Faster healing times (StreamLight™)


Less pain & Shorter procedure


Private hospital facility^

^Dr Joshua Hann carries out laser eye surgery within a private hospital. This is a unique offering in Queensland, with the option of an Anaesthetic doctor to help aid relaxation and comfort.

Other Lasers

There are many lasers used in Ophthalmology. Eastside Eye Specialist Care has been accredited for use of most lasers which treat a variety of conditions. These include retinal laser for diabetes, retinal tears, certain macular conditions; glaucoma laser to reduce pressure and prevent angle closure; Lens implant laser to clear certain types of cloudy lenses; and corneal laser to help the shape to allow contact lens wear in keratoconus, improve vision after corneal graft surgery, and removal of corneal scars. Enquire with us today about laser eye surgery.

Ophthalmologist and laser eye surgeon Dr Joshua Hann excels in both LASIK and PRK vision correction surgery, having performed hundreds of laser procedures on patients in Carindale, Carina, throughout Brisbane, and across Australia. Below, Dr Hann discusses the many benefits of LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) and PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) vision correction.

Changes in the shape of the cornea are what cause farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. By reshaping the cornea with a cool-to-the-touch surgical laser, Dr Hann can ensure that images received by the eye are focused on the retina with maximum clarity.

LASIK Procedure

During a LASIK procedure, the laser reshapes the middle layer of the cornea. To access this area, Dr Hann makes a microscopic incision in the cornea to create a flap. The flap is moved aside to allow access to the cornea, which is precisely reshaped by the surgeon to refocus the image that is projected on your retina. After this reshaping, the flap is moved back into position, allowing for efficient healing. This is an outpatient procedure that takes less than a half hour and uses local anesthetic, although additional sedation may be provided on request. You may notice a slight feeling of pressure on the eye, but most patients report no discomfort. The laser will be in contact with your eye for 40 seconds or less.

With the laser’s precise corneal incision, healing and recovery are rapid. There’s no need for stitches or bandages, and your work or school routine will hardly be impacted. Within a day you will be seeing clearly, with a whole new perspective on the colors, vistas and dimensions that surround you.

The PRK Option

For patients who do not fit the profile for traditional or Wavefront LASIK, such as persons with very thin corneas, PRK can be an appropriate option. It involves removal of the surface layer of cells of the cornea, rather than the creation of a flap. Removal is accomplished with the application of an alcohol-based solution followed by use of the surgical laser. The surface corneal cells grow back within days, but for this reason recovery periods are longer for PRK than for LASIK.

The fact that no flap is created with PRK eliminates the chance of post-operative complications involving a flap incision. Patients who play contact sports or routinely engage in other vigorous physical activities may choose PRK to avoid the risk of a future flap dislocation. PRK is also the preferred choice for patients who were born with thin corneas or who have had cataract removal or other previous eye surgeries, including radial keratotomy, refractive lens exchange or phakic IOL implantation.

Many patients do prefer the quicker recovery time of LASIK, however. Healing after PRK can take several weeks, and the level of discomfort will be higher during the first few days after the surgery. Patients may also experience temporary haziness of vision, glare or sensitivity to light.

To learn more about state-of-the-art laser vision correction options or visiting an eye surgery clinic, we invite you to schedule an appointment with LASIK and PRK eye surgeon Dr Joshua Hann. Please use our contact form or call Eastside Eye Specialist Care at (07) 3153 1000 today.

Improved Symptoms Usually Associated With LASIK

Post-op symptoms at 3 months**

Light sensitivity 3.6% decrease
Difficult driving at night 4.4% decrease
Reading difficulty 6.4% decrease
Complaints of glare 2.4% reduction


It’s natural to have concerns about laser eye surgery, which is why you need to choose the most up-to-date and accurate treatment.

PRK laser eye surgery from Eastside Eye Specialist Care is carried out by corneal surgeon, Dr Joshua Hann.

The risk of flap-related complications associated with LASIK, are eliminated with (StreamLight™) PRK laser eye surgery. 

Is PRK safe?

Complications with PRK are infrequent because it uses the latest advancements in laser technology. Every precaution is taken to ensure safe and effective treatment with first-class results. Patients will receive a full explanation of the procedure at the time of consultation.

Who is PRK suitable for?

Most people over the age of 18 can undergo this treatment. 

The only limitations are for those with certain corneal diseases, but even then it is often possible to treat the underlying problems with PTK laser treatment before a second stage StreamLight™/Contoura PRK treatment to restore full vision.

How quickly will I see results?

For the first 2-3 days you will want to rest. Following this all normal activities can be resumed. Initial recovery takes place over the first few weeks and full improvement of your eye sight steadily follows.

Will I meet my surgeon before surgery?

Yes. You will meet with Dr Hann and his team for a full consultation prior to surgery. In most cases, clients will undergo a number of tests to determine their suitability for PRK treatment as well as tests to map the surface of the eye.

Can I drive after my consultation?

No, you will not be able to drive for a few hours. Dr Hann will use dilation drops in your eyes for assessment purposes. Although the drops are not painful, they temporarily affect vision.

Can I drive after my (StreamLight™ and Contoura®) PRK laser eye surgery?

No. You will need to arrange transportation. It will take a few days for your restored eyesight to work well enough for driving.

Is Dr Hann experienced and qualified?

Yes. Dr Hann is a fully qualified ophthalmologist and corneal surgeon who works as a specialist at both Eastside Eye Specialist Care and as an anterior segment specialist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. He holds a certificate in PRK from the laser company Alcon, and has a certificate in PRK from ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery).

Does Dr Hann offer any other eye/corneal services?

Yes, as a corneal specialist, Dr Hann offers corneal cross-linking therapy, surgical procedures such as corneal transplants, specialised lens implants including implantable contact lenses, and multiple medical and surgical treatments for other eye problems.

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