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Macula Treatment Brisbane

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Macular degeneration Brisbane & Carindale, Queensland
Macular degeneration is the result of age-related wear and tear in the macula portion of your retina. This may be “dry” or “wet”. Correct diagnosis requires the best equipment and advice, which is available at Eastside Eye. If you require treatment, it may include eye injections that are administered in our dedicated procedure room, designed to provide a safe and comfortable experience. Early detection is key to preserving your vision. For advice, treatment, and monitoring, speak to us today.
Diabetes can cause many types of retinal changes and even increase the rate of cataract formation. If you have diabetes, you should have an optometry assessment at least every two years. If retina changes are discovered, further assessments should be carried out regularly by an ophthalmologist to prevent vision loss. Eastside Eye is set up to provide all necessary clinic investigations and treatments for diabetic eye disease including laser and injections. Contact Eastside Eye for diabetic eye checks.