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At Eastside Eye Specialist Care, you can also receive treatments for the following eye conditions.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is the result of age-related wear and tear in the macula portion of your retina. This may be “dry” or “wet”. Several treatments can slow the condition’s progression, but as there’s no cure, early detection is key to preserving your vision. For advice, treatment, and monitoring, speak to us today.

Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetes can cause many types of retinal changes and even increase the rate of cataract formation. If you have diabetes, you should have an optometry assessment at least every two years. If retina changes are discovered, further assessments should be carried out regularly by an ophthalmologist to prevent vision loss.

Eyelid Lesions

Because your eyelids are exposed to the sun more than most parts of your body, they may develop sun damage. This damage can sometimes become cancerous. As such, it’s important to have any suspicious lesions monitored and treated with surgery if required. Our Brisbane ophthalmologists have extensive experience in treating skin tumours around the eyelid.

Eyelid Mal-Position

Your eyelid position can be affected by age or sun exposure, causing the lids to turn in or out. In turn, this can result in irritation to your eyes, excess tearing or dryness, or unsightly appearance. If your eyelid is mal-positioned, it can be corrected by surgery at Eastside Eye.


Ptosis occurs when your upper eyelid droops. This can be caused by age-related separation of the muscle that lifts your eye from the eyelid tarsus, or by many other causes. With Ptosis, excess skin can hang over the eyelashes (dermatochalasis), or the brow itself can hang low. Each of these issues can be corrected by surgery.

Red, Sore, & Watering Eyes

Red, sore, and watering eyes are common problems. Potential causes include infection, inflammation, allergy, blepharitis, and dry eye. If you experience red, sore, or watering eyes, it’s important to have them carefully examined so you can receive the right diagnosis and treatment. Our ophthalmologists can assist with diagnosis and treatment for all these conditions.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common problem. There are many treatments available including eyelid heat, massage, drops, dietary changes, anti-inflammatories, serum tears, IPL laser, and punctal plugs. Our Brisbane ophthalmologists can provide you with the appropriate level of treatment based on the severity of your condition, and can assist you in arranging each of the treatments described.

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At Eastside Eye, you can receive diagnoses and treatments for all the conditions described above.

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