Laser Eye Surgery Benefits in BrisbaneWhen you think about having laser eye surgery, it is very easy to focus on the most obvious benefit: clearer vision without contacts and glasses. But there are countless benefits of clear, independent vision that make nearly every aspect of daily life easier and more enjoyable. Read on as Dr Joshua Hann of Eastside Eye Specialist Care brings your attention to some of the unexpected life-changing benefits of laser eye surgery.

Simple Pleasures

Imagine the simple pleasures you can enjoy after laser eye surgery, when you no longer need to devote time or attention to your glasses or contact lenses. Think about waking up and seeing the clock across the room without putting in your contacts, or being able to tend to your crying child at night without fumbling with your glasses. You can jump into a pool without taking out your contacts, or wrestle with your kids without worrying about your glasses. When you take corrective eyewear out of the picture, the simplest daily moments become so much richer.

Career Opportunities

Laser eye surgery provides much more than simple pleasures. It can give you the clearer vision that you might need to boost your career. Maybe you are a lifeguard or an artist, and being glasses-free will make your work easier. Or maybe you want to transition into a different career, like being a pilot, where clear vision is a requirement.

Even if you work in an office job on a computer, freedom from glasses can help you enhance your productivity and get through the workday without uncomfortable glasses-related symptoms like glare-induced headaches.

Active Lifestyle

Laser eye surgery makes athletic activity much easier, as clear, independent vision eliminates the risk of a contact falling out or glasses getting cracked. You do not have to be a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits. Activities like jogging, swimming and hiking are easier and more enjoyable without the burden of glasses or contact lenses.

Cost Savings

Although the up-front cost of laser eye surgery is higher than what you would pay for a pair of glasses or boxes of contacts, it is a one-time expense. With clearer, independent vision, you can stop worrying about the repeated, rising costs of corrective eyewear and the related accessories (e.g., cases, cleaning supplies).

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